Slime Garden

In this garden, you will find goo of various shape and size. Different colors, expressions, genetics. Each one in need of proper nurturing. This is where you come in. With you being as awesome as you can be, the slime have decided to choose you as their gardener. You must raise them. Challenge them. Love them. But what are slime capable of? Racing! Fighting! Fashion, style! And of course, friendship. Everything you do in this garden will effect the outcome of your slime. Of course, no two slime are the same. These aren't blank canvases. Each slime has a unique genetic makeup, along with a memory and personality to seperate it from the rest. What kind of slime would you raise? One for combat? One for passion? Or maybe you would just like to build one in your image? There are an infinite number of possibilities.

Check out for updates!
(An update is released just about every Friday! Be sure to check back each week!)


Windows 7/8/8.1
Android 2.3+ (Google Play)
Android/Kindle (Amazon App Store)

Click here to play in your browser!
(no 3D, Chrome/Firefox recommended)


The game will be released at launch on PC (Windows 7 and 8), Linux (Ubuntu), Browsers (HTML5), Chrome, and Android (Phones/Tablets/Kindle/OUYA).
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