Is it Safe to Buy Dota 2 Accounts After the New Update in Dota2?

Dota 2 is the biggest game in terms of its esports scene and how it influences other games and their esports scene. There are several reasons for what makes Dota the biggest game in terms of esports. The biggest reason would be the community and their feelings about the game. Valve crowd-funds the internationals which is why its prize money is leagues apart from other esports titles. While there are good aspects of Dota 2’s community there are many negatives of it as well. For Starters, they are the most unwelcoming community for new players and because Dota 2 is a hard game you’ll not enjoy your first few games with random players. While the game is enjoyable after you get to know its mechanics and in-game items, Dota has its learning curve.

Another reason that Dota is different from other MOBA games is its inventory and cosmetics are tradeable. So if you want to buy or sell your in-game cosmetics for money you can do that. Buying or selling skins in the marketplace has its benefits but what if you want to buy some skins at a cheaper price than the Steam market or any other third-party market? If you are in this scenario, then you should consider buying an account with those skins and badges this way you’ll have cheap skins and a full account.

So In this blog, we are going to ask “Is it safe to buy Dota 2 Accounts after the new Update in Dota2? Now before I explain to you what happened in the latest update of Dota or why you should or shouldn’t consider buying an account Let’s go between the lines of what account buying is and why people buy them. In Dota 2 account buying and selling is a common practice among the players. Players buy accounts because of high MMR or get other desirable attributes, like a large collection of cosmetics or a high-level loadout.

The new update and why you should know about it:

So Valve made an update to the game in which they placed a tracking system to flag abnormal behavior. Like having an insane KD or mixing unusual items and thanks to this system valve has banned over 900000 players from the game. This seems like a big number at first but if you know the average player count on a monthly basis, you’ll know that this number is like a drop in the bucket but this is a first step towards the Smurfs free Dota.  So if you are using a Smurf account or are about to use one then be careful because Valve is not having it. the ban will be a permanent VAC ban this means that if you get caught you are most likely to lose your entire inventory.

What should you do about it?

It seems that the update was more than a ban wave and it was enough to give people paranoia about getting banned. Buying or selling an account is solely dependent on you if you want you can. now what you should do to be careful and not get caught in the middle of this. While there is still a risk of getting banned you can make that as minimal as a grain of salt. so follow these tips:

Try not to top the scoreboard:

The first thing that you need to take care of is to try not to pop off in matches. the reason that Smurfs get banned is because the performances that they give on the server are insane. So try not to overpower or bully your opponents in matches. you could also try to sit back and relax. Not popping off in the server can minimize the risk of getting reports hence the lower chances of getting vanished from the game. You could also lose some matches intentionally but try not to grieve but just not try to win the game either. By losing some matches you’ll mostly get out from the Smurf flags then you can enjoy your game as you will. Remember that Valve is unforgiving so if the chances of you getting caught can be minimalized there will always still be a chance of it.

Dota 2 Accounts:

One thing I would suggest you do is to find Affordable Dota 2 accounts because even if you lose or get banned on them you will not be complaining about how much you have lost because of this new update. There are really good websites on the internet that provide the best possible rate on high Elo accounts I want you to try them out before making any decisions but try to buy higher steam level profiles with a considerable number of hours in Dota 2 because those are the first two red flags of any smurfing account. Other than that try to buy accounts with a clean history because you don’t want any reports from the past ruining your present account.

Do not brag:

I know this will sound like stating the obvious but don’t go into the match and tell them yourself that you are smurfing because I have seen players doing this as soon as they pick their hero, they start to brag about how they are going to destroy the enemy team or how many kills they are going to drop. So if you like your Smurf account or your main account then don’t do it because Valve also tracks the MAC addresses of your ISP so if you get caught you are most likely to lose every account that you access with that Mac address Again this is speculation but there is a chance of it as there is little information about how they are tracking account buyers.

Put effort into your game:

This will only concern the account buyers and not Smurfs because they are already good at the game. So if you happen to buy an account with more than 4k mmr then you are most likely to be placed with good-rank players. So try to make the most out of the situation and put efforts into learning the game because if you don’t you are going to get banned eventually.

Is it safe to buy accounts:

Considering the situation, it is tough to make a call for each side because Valve is cracking down on these accounts and if you take my word on it then I’ll say be careful and take measures to prevent getting banned. Because of this uncertain situation, whether to buy an account or not is a personal preference and I will leave that as is. If you are still unsure about buying an account, it is better to avoid it and get your skill level up there without ever thinking about getting banned. After grinding your way up through to the elite level of the skill group you can buy an account and then can enjoy the game without worrying about getting flagged by other players.

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